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19 . 07 . 19

The Price of Customer Service

Every business aims for success yet some fail to include a key factor to get there. So, what keeps customers coming back? How do you make your customers choose your business over the others?

26 . 06 . 19

Business Pitch Deck 101

A pitch deck is a brief presentation of your business. To engage investors and gain their support your pitch deck should include these do’s and don’ts.

12 . 06 . 19

How to Turn an Idea Into a Business

It’s no secret all successful business ventures start with brilliant ideas. Innovation and execution are powerful tools in today’s competitive market. Yet how do you create a successful business idea?

05 . 06 . 19

The Top Four Benefits of Studying Abroad

Looking for a reason to study abroad, here are four. Studying overseas has never been more accessible than right now and the benefits prove why.

24 . 05 . 19

Proactive: What does it mean to be proactive?

Among founders and entrepreneurs, it’s almost a buzzword. Something that some might use to describe themselves, to sell themselves, when sometimes they don’t even understand it. So, what does it actually mean?

08 . 05 . 19

Four steps to make the competition irrelevant

Want to make your business competitors irrelevant? In just 20 years, the Cirque du Soleil made the same profit that Barnum & Bailey made in 100 years by following these four steps.

04 . 04 . 19

Buyer persona, what is it and how to find it

If you’re about to start your entrepreneurship journey, it’s fundamental you know your buyer persona; otherwise, your costs will keep escalating

17 . 10 . 18

International Student Life in Melbourne – How to Budget While Studying Here

Budgeting your stay as an international student is difficult to say the least! But don’t fret. Original Campus Melbourne, have just shared their best kept budgeting secrets for students everywhere!

29 . 09 . 18

10 Awesomely Powerful Reasons to Start Your Own Business

This year, I’ve spoken with business owners and millionaires with a combined value of $30,000,000 to write down a bunch of interviews for my own personal notes.

16 . 08 . 18

There’s Only One Business Worth Starting

You know, when I started my journey as an entrepreneur, I was building a music management company. That was my focus, and we were managing bands and making records.

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