The starting point of new. The place where you meet yourself. Your authentic self. Without the burdens of expectations. With a world of opportunities. The world where you are free to become what you want to be. Not what you have to be. Remember it’s the start. Always fresh, Always new. Always focused on you.

Original Campus is that beginning. A new direction. A fresh perspective on education. Empowering you to become what you want to be. Originally. So open up and flip the pages of your life. See what you want. Look closer. Listen to what your heart says. Focus. Deep within. If you can hear your calling, it’s the time to answer that. It’s the time to enable your dreams to become your reality.

We will make it all happen for you. With the power of our education. Because that’s what we do. That’s why we wake up every day. To change our students’ lives through education. To inspire lifelong learners to continue. To make your career work for you.

We are Original Campus. Where you can start being you. Or choose to become new.



Imagine the best version of yourself. What will you become? Whether you want to learn new skills, get that dream job? Or get an entirely new future? Original Campus can help you get started. Our education empowers you to harness your inner potential and get the goal to reach you.


When we say we will do everything to help you build the career you love. We mean it. At Original Campus, we will stay by your side and make sure you find your path, build your career and become the original you.


Your education is the most important tool to build your future, and we know that. That’s why our well-structured curriculum, in-depth courses, National Accredited Qualifications, Industry Leading Trainers and most important of all, our original perspective is all focused on you, ensuring your success.


Original Campus is a community, a group of people who care about you, who believe in your dreams and in building a culture that fosters teamwork and togetherness. Our purpose is to serve you with the utmost honesty and in every possible way, day after day.


Original is a constant journey to become better than before. At Original Campus, we never stop learning. We keep looking for new solutions, new ideas and new ways to improve ourselves, and give you the latest learning experience. Because you deserve it.

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“I believe it’s not easy being original. To stay true to yourself, your dreams and your goals. I also believe the right education can do that for you. It has the power to change everything. I wish you learn the things you never thought of learning. I hope you study the course that will help you realise your full potential, and become who you want to be.”

Costas Pehlivanis


The quality of education is outstanding.
My journey with Original Campus has been so great and full of learnings that they have exceeded my expectations. Our teachers are real business owners, consultants and CEOs of prominent organisations and have proven track records of business excellence. I would very much recommend this school. Continue the great work!

Arvin Jonathan Cua

Everything I need to start up my own business!
Original Campus is by far one of the best schools I’ve studied at! Studying there has been the best decision! I’ve learnt a considerable amount and it has given me everything I need to start up my own business! I’m very excited to continue my studies there. Highly recommended!

Danni Durrant

The online experience has been even better than I expected.
Original Campus has exceeded my expectations as an entrepreneurial school. I love the support, flexibility and outcome-focused courses. Also, Bev is an amazing trainer, very experienced and knowledgeable. I would recommend the college to anyone who is interested in studying business or leadership.

Paula C Cortés L

The staff and trainers are friendly and hands-on.
I did my Diploma of Leadership and Management at Original Campus and it was a fantastic journey. The staff and my trainers were so friendly and hands-on with mentoring their students and attending to the queries and needs. Great job!

Elaiza Quiambao

The teachers were remarkable and encouraging.
I had the opportunity to study with Original Campus and I am thankful to all the teachers and staff who were always very helpful and did it with a smile. They are remarkable, and they encourage their students to continually develop their skill set.


My Original Campus course was very helpful.
Not only it enriched my theory on personality and development but led me to better understand management and leadership which would be of greater opportunity for me in the future.


My experience was really good.
Trainers were hands-on teaching and staff were friendly and approachable.

Maria Elaiza

I am very happy at Original Campus.
Good teachers – you guys are so amazing! You always try to do what you can to the best of your ability.


Awesome experience, quality education.


I am very happy that we got support.
Original Campus have portrayed 100% professionalism at work and are very responsible. As a student, I would recommend people to find out what are the courses available / that suits you, because this campus is an amazing one!

Abia Ho

Motivational and inspiring Teachers!
Huge support from all people working for OC! I feel very lucky to be in this school!


I am so proud to be in this institution.
Taking a Diploma of Business and Diploma of Leadership Management course in Original Campus is very grateful. The faculty members are driven to help their students. If ever I can invite students to study at OC, I would like to recommend it.


The most updated and advanced programs.
The only school in Melbourne that offers the most updated and advanced programs.

Gene Garcia

I would recommend it 100%
Amazing school, I would recommend it 100%.


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