The network of our authorised education agents can help with your application queries, at every step of the way.
They can answer your questions and advise you regarding:

  • Original Campus

  • Supporting

  • Our Courses

  • Student Visa

  • Entry requirements

  • Travel and

  • Application process

Here’s a list of all our education agents.

Partner Name Country Website Email
AC Australian Centre Brazil www.australiancentre.com [email protected]
AECC Global Australia www.aeccglobal.com [email protected]
AMS Global Philippines amsglobalinc.com [email protected]
Atlas Australian Migration Office Australia www.atlasmigration.com [email protected]
Aussie You Too Australia www.youtooproject.com [email protected]
Austral Consultants Australia www.australconsultants.com [email protected]
Australasian Student Services Australia australasian.com.co [email protected]
Australia 4U -Student Integrated Services Australia www.4uaustralia.com.au [email protected]
Big Leap Education and Migration Services Australia www.bigleap.vip [email protected]
Dingoos Australia Pty Ltd Australia dingoos.com [email protected]
Education and Migration Services Australia Australia emsaus.com [email protected]
Education Way Consulting Australia educationway.com.au [email protected]
Egali Intercambio Australia www.egali.com.br [email protected]
ENZ Education Consultancy Services Philippines enz.com.ph [email protected]
Fil Global Health Care Marketing Ltd Philippines www.fil-global.com [email protected]
Grasshopper International Australia gi.com.co [email protected]
Hello Australia Australia hellostudy.com.br [email protected]
HUB EDU (Istanbul) Turkey www.hubedu.com.au/ [email protected]
IAE Edu Net Australia www.iae-au.com [email protected]
Information Planet Australia www.informationplanet.com.au [email protected]
Just Australia Australia www.justaustralia.com.au [email protected]
Latinoz Education Australia latinozeducation.com.au [email protected]
Learn & Travel Australia [email protected]
Let's Go Study Australia Australia letsgostudyaustralia.com.au [email protected]
Level Up Studies Australia www.levelupstudies.com [email protected]
Multi-Edu Australia www.multi-edu.com [email protected]
Planet Dreamers Australia planetdreamers.com.au [email protected]
RPS Migration Services Australia rpsmigration.com.au [email protected]
Study Anywhere Australia studyanywhere.com.au [email protected]
Study First Australia Australia studyfirstaustralia.com [email protected]
Study Up Australia Australia studyupau.com.au [email protected]
Study Way Education and Business Consultancy Australia www.yourstudyway.com.au [email protected]
StudyCo Australia studyco.com [email protected]
Tayrona Consulting Australia taeducation.com.au [email protected]
Teduca Group Colombia www.teducagroup.com [email protected]
Velocity Education Consultancy Australia www.velocityeducation.com.au [email protected]
Visaaid Immigration & Education Services Australia www.visaaid.com.au [email protected]
We Link Education Australia welink.education [email protected]
We Move Experience Australia www.wemoveexperience.com [email protected]
Will World Australia Australia willworldeducation.com [email protected]


If you would like to be an authorised Original Campus agent, then we’d love to hear from you.

The process to become an authorised Original Campus agent is selective, and we only accept high quality and reputable applicants.

Once you become an agent, we will provide you with all the resources required to promote Original Campus – the application process, key selling points for prospective students, and the latest news and events.

We will also provide you with information about your responsibilities as an authorised agent of Original Campus.

To apply and become an Original Campus agent, please send your business profile to [email protected] or get in touch below.

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