Centrally located Melbourne Campus

World-class courses. Well-connected Location.

Original Campus is located in the Central Business District of Melbourne.
You get an opportunity to study in the heart of one of the most enterprising
cities of the world. So stay inspired, as you create a future in the middle of rich
Melbournian life.

Student Focused Learning

Your education. Centered around you.

The focal point of Original Campus is YOU. Our qualifications are dedicated to your career growth, and we believe that defining your goals is the perfect start of your journey. We work closely with you to set achievable goals and map out your progression, at every step.

Industry Leading Trainers

Learn practical skills. For the real world.

Expect to be challenged, when you learn from the best. Our expert trainers and experienced professionals give you insightful knowledge and industry-relevant skills, to take your career to the next level.

At Original Campus, we are deeply committed to see you succeed. That’s why our experts ensure that they are accessible and available to mentor you at every step of the way. When you move out, you’re ready to take on the next big opportunity with confidence, that comes only with skillful education.

Dedicated Support Team

Comprehensive support. Complete commitment.

At Original Campus, our team of expert educators and staff takes great pride in providing unparalleled support to our students. We are always accessible and respond to your queries and questions with complete diligence and clarity.

As far as qualification is concerned, you get easy to follow course content, and a swift assessment turnaround with detailed trainer feedback. In fact, a dedicated trainer is assigned to you, who will always be on your side to help and guide in your journey towards successful completion of the course.

Nationally Recognised Training

Accredited Qualifications. Developed by Experts.

Original Campus is a Registered Training Organization(RTO). That means, when you learn with us you graduate with Nationally Accredited Qualifications, developed by experts under Australian Qualifications Framework.

These qualifications are recognised across Australia, and give you the freedom to work in any organisation, in any industry. So when you head out in the job market, you have the advantage of an accredited qualification.

Real Career Outcomes

Get job opportunities. In the industry of your choice.

At Original Campus, our qualifications are developed to ensure that you find a fulfilling career of your choice. Be it launching your own start-up, gaining an entry in the corporate world, finding a new job or getting that big promotion – our courses are designed to equip you with practical skills and knowledge to build your career.

You learn from the Industry Leading Trainers who know the trends of the job market, and give you the skills employers really want. So while our course consultant can help you find the course that best suits your dream, the trainers are there to give you industry-relevant skills and make that dream come true.

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