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Bulletproof Plan

Develop and implement a business plan


Focus on your company direction in order to propel your business. Determine the current state of your company and where you would like to be. Develop your strategic business plan.

Master Your Marketing

Develop a marketing plan


Research, develop, and present a comprehensive marketing plan for your business. Plan marketing tactics and be open to continuous feedback.

Fearless Financing

Manage finances


Undertake budgeting and financial strategies in order to keep your business fiscally sharp. Produce forecasts and reports to plan your business’s financial future.

Going Green

Develop workplace policy and procedures for sustainability


Implement your workplace sustainability policy. Research ways to minimize resource use and introduce life cycle management approaches. Implement and review your sustainability objectives.

Plan for the People

Manage human resources strategic planning


Identify current needs and predict how your company will handle human resources as you continue to scale. Be mindful of your company’s values and generate your plan accordingly.

Company Culture

Manage employee relations


Create a culture your employees deserve. Implement employee relations policies and plans. Manage negotiations to resolve conflict.

Your Competitive Advantage

Develop and implement strategic plans


Define your vision and mission. Analyse the internal and external environment. Write and implement a strategic plan.

Continue to Grow

Contribute to organisation development


Play an active role in the ongoing development of your organisation. Implement activities and monitor progress to ensure continued company development.

Risky Business

Manage risk


Prepare to identify risks within your business. Assess and evaluate likeliness of these risks and how to be ready moving forward.

Set the Example

Provide leadership accross the organisation


Demonstrate proper leadership behavior and be a role model for your business. Inspire your colleagues in order to improve morale and achieve company goals. Understand that leadership is seen in the context of the organizational mission.

Embrace Change

Lead and manage organisational change


Determine strategic change requirements and opportunities. Take a structured approach for optimal efficiency. Implement a change management strategy.

Importance of an Open Mind

Manage innovation and continuous improvement


Design an environment where innovation is encouraged and rewarded. Foster conversations that are open to all ideas. Enhance your company based upon continuous feedback.

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How long will the Diploma take?

The Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management is offered full-time over 80 weeks.

How do I find out more information?

Our experienced Admissions team can assess your personal circumstances to determine if Original Campus is right for you. Speak to them about the program units and outcomes in detail.

Are there entry requirements?

You must be at least 18 years of age and have completed year 11, Certificate IV in Vocational Education or equivalent, prior to enrolment. (which is established through interview process).

For International Students, your English language proficiency also needs to be appropriate for the program. You will also be required to meet a minimum IELTS score of 5.5. or equivalent.

Additionally, access to a computer is also required. Please refer to our Admissions team for further information.

How do I get support for my program work?

Original Campus is committed to helping you achieve successful qualification outcomes. As part of your program support, you will have a dedicated teacher who is available to assist with questions about program content and assessment tasks. Please refer to the Student Support Officer for any issues or concerns you may have that are not directly related to training and assessment.

Who are Original Campus approved Education Agents?

For a full list of our approved Education Agents please see our website or enquire with our admission team.

How many hours per week am I required to study?

You are required to study 20 hours per week in the classroom. You are also required to complete assessments in your own time, which will account to approximately 10 hours study per week.

Are there any events or workshops I can attend?

It is fundamental to our approach to offer a holistic learning experience. We offer various workshops, activities and events delivered by us and in collaboration with our partners.
We aim to provide you with a chance network and share the latest trends and tools in the business and self- development space.

Where can I find information relating specifically to International Student requirements?

For more detailed information about International student life in Australia, student visas, the enrolment procedure, ESOS Framework, education agents and much more please refer to the International Student Prospectus or ask our experienced admissions team.

Is Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) available?

For candidates who have extensive experience in one or more units, Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is available. Please enquire with our experienced admissions team for more information.

BSB51918 Diploma of Leadership and Management

BSB50215 Diploma of Business